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All of our bags are made from real leather. This is a living, noble material that requires special care.

How to look after your loxwood bag?

Firstly, avoid prolonged contact with water, greasy substances and cosmetics, as well as raw denim, in order to prevent colour transfer.

Direct exposure to heat or sunshine may cause discolouration.

Ideally, store your bag in a slipcover when not in use.

Care instructions

For calfskin leather

Special nourishing leather milk can be applied. To clean, use a moist cloth, gently wiping the area to be treated in small circular movements, without rubbing. Montmorillonite can be used to absorb greasy stains from your bag. Nb. carry out a patch test on a less visible part of your bag before applying to the whole bag. We recommend waterproofing your bag before use in order to prevent any discharge onto your clothes.

For suede

We recommend waterproofing your bag before use with a colourless suede spray. In the event of staining, brush gently with a suede brush. Montmorillonite can be used to absorb greasy stains. Do not use nourishing milk on this type of leather. Nb. when used for the first few times, the colours of some suede bags may run onto light-coloured clothing.

For cowhide

Cowhide bags are delicate. Repeated rubbing may cause irreversible shedding. we recommend always wearing cowhide bags on the same side. In the event of stains, rub gently with a moist cloth. To remove dust, gently brush the bag in the direction of hair growth.

For linen

Cleaning by a specialist is required.